Physics of the Solid State

“Anomalous” spectral photoresistive field effect in CdS crystals caused by the screening of the electron-hole interaction
“Switching” phase transition of the nanodomain state of the frustrated ferromagnet-antiferromagnet system
3D dependence of the dielectric dispersion in a BaTiO3 single crystal
A dislocation kinetic model of the formation and propagation of intense shock waves in crystals
A model for quantitative description of magnetoresistance of the La0.85Ba0.15MnO3 manganite below the curie temperature T C in the presence of colossal magnetoresistance effect near T C
Ab initio calculation of vibrational spectra of orthorhombic IV–VI layered crystals
Ab initio calculations of supramolecular complexes of fullerene C60 with CdTe and CdS
Ab initio investigation of the pressure influence on elastic properties of the GaS layered compound
Ab initio temperature dependence of the thermal expansion of diamond and the frequency shift of optical phonons
Accounting for nonstoichiometry of niobium carbide NbC y upon milling to a nanocrystalline state
Acoustic emission analysis of the effect of temperature and deformation rate on the correlated formation of cracks of the structural element scale
Adsorption on graphene with vacancy-type defects: A model approach
Algorithms for processing scratch images in the sclerometry method
Amorphization of oxides under irradiation with fast neutrons
Analysis of the spin splitting of maxima of quantum oscillations of the resistivity of n-Bi-Sb semiconductor alloys in a magnetic field parallel to the bisector axis
Analytical temperature dependence of the photoluminescence of semiconductor quantum dots
Anisotropic resonant magnetoplasticity of NaCl crystals in the Earth’s magnetic field
Anisotropy of the EPR line shape of dislocation acceptor centers in semiconducting type Ic diamonds
Anomalous dispersed states of alloys caused by segregation of impurities at phase interfaces
Anomalous losses of lead in crystallization of the perovskite phase in thin PZT films
Anti-prismatic modifications of single-walled carbon nanotubes and their electronic properties: Regular adsorption of fluorine atoms on graphene surfaces of nanotubes
Application of a polarized neutron microbeam to the investigation of a magnetic microstructure
Application of reactor neutrons to the investigation of the radiation resistance of semiconductor materials of Group III–V and sensors
Application of X-ray absorption spectroscopy to the investigation of charge states of iron ions in iron borate nanoceramics
Atomic positions and diffusion paths of h and he in the a-Ti lattice
Atomistic simulation of the motion of dislocations in metals under phonon drag conditions
Band offsets in heterojunctions formed by oxides with cubic perovskite structure
Behavior of the low-frequency conductivity of silver iodide nanocomposites in the superionic phase transition region
Calculation of diffusion coefficients of defects and ions in UO2
Calculation of the cluster size distribution functions and small-angle neutron scattering data for C60/N-methylpyrrolidone
Calculation of thermodynamic potentials with the inclusion of fractional occupation numbers and investigation of FCC-BCC structural phase transitions in alkaline-earth metals
Carrier dynamics and stimulated radiative terahertz transitions between Landau levels in cascade GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well structures
Cascades of Fano resonances in Mie scattering
Change in the polarizability of MBBA molecules upon the nematic-isotropic liquid transition and physical consequences
Changes in the structure of the Rb2NaYF6: Yb3+ crystal upon transition from the cubic to tetragonal phase
Character of variation in the microhardness of the (0001) plane of Zn single crystals under the action of electrostatic field and the possible reason for this effect
Charge carrier accumulation and relaxation effects in the active region of polymer and composite (polymer-gold nanoparticles) field-effect transistor structures
Charge states of cobalt ions in nanostructured lithium cobaltite: X-ray absorption and photoelectron spectra
Classification of structural modifications of carbon
Coherence of two-dimensional electron-hole systems: Spontaneous breaking of continuous symmetries: A review
Comparative analysis of the structure of palladium-based bulk metallic glasses prepared by treatment of melts with flux
Complex compound polyvinyl alcohol-titanic acid/titanium dioxide
Complexes of polyvinyl alcohol with insoluble inorganic compounds
Composition nanodefects in doped lithium fluoride crystals
Computer simulation of heating of nickel films on two-layer graphene
Computer simulation of the structure and raman spectra of GaAs polytypes
Computer simulation of thin nickel films on single-layer graphene
Computer study of the physical properties of a copper film on a heated graphene surface
Concentration dependence of EPR spectra in mixed (BaF2)1 - x (CeF3) x crystals
Concentration quenching of fluorescence of colloid quantum dots of cadmium sulfide
Contribution of thermal radiation in measurements of thermal conductivity of sandstone
Correlation between magnetoresistance and magnetic entropy at first-order and second-order phase transitions in Ni-Mn-In-Si Heusler alloys
Critical behavior of RMn2O5 oxides near the magnetic phase transition to a structure incommensurate in two spatial directions
Critical neutron scattering in a uniaxial relaxor Sr0.6Ba0.4Nb2O6
Crystal structure and physical properties of magnetic shape memory alloys Ni50 - x Cu x Mn29Ga21
Crystal structure of low-temperature rubidium monoaluminate modification
Defect electron states in carbon nanotubes and graphite from the NEXAFS spectroscopy data
Defect mode suppression in a photonic crystal with a magnetic defect in the ferromagnetic resonance region
Deformation-induced changes in the structure of fullerites C60/70 during their mechanical activation
Dependence of the critical radius of partial dislocation loops on the stacking fault energy in semiconductors
Determination of Gd and Sm contents in metallofullerenes on a total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometer with parallel beam
Dielectric characteristics of the relaxor state of the perovskite ceramics 0.9(Na1 - x K x Bi)1/2TiO3-0.1Bi(ZnTi)1/2O3 near the morphotropic phase boundary
Dielectric investigations of solid solutions SrTiO3-KTaO3 and SrTiO3-KNbO3
Dielectric properties and charge transfer in (TlInSe2)0.1(TlGaTe2)0.9 for the DC and AC current
Dielectric properties of porous aluminum and silicon oxides with inclusions of triglycine sulfate and its modified analogs
Dielectric properties of the nanoporous MCM-41 matrix filled with the (NH4)2SO4 ferroelectric
Dielectric relaxation and magnetic characteristics of the Bi0.5La0.5MnO3 ceramics
Dielectric response of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 thin films in a terahertz and IR ranges
Diffuse phase transition in a surface quartz layer with variations in temperature
Diffusion coefficients of vacancies and interstitials along tilt grain boundaries in molybdenum
Diffusion model of the formation of growth microdefects as applied to the description of defect formation in heat-treated silicon single crystals
dimer paramagnetic centers in lead germanate crystals doped with iron and halogen (Cl-, Br-, F-) ions
Dislocation model for the behavior of fractal dimension of the microstructure of a strained solid
Distinctive features of thermal expansion of niobium diselenide
Domain structure of a thin single-crystal plate of terbium iron garnet near the magnetic compensation point
Domain structure of GaN/SiC-based materials for semiconductor lasers
Dominant influence of the compression effect of a magnetic flux in the intergranular medium of a granular high-temperature superconductor on dissipation processes in an external magnetic field
Doped graphene in a quantizing magnetic field: Hall conductivity
Dynamic spectral response of solid solutions of the bismuth-strontium ferrite Bi1 - x Sr x FeO3 - d in the frequency range 0.3–200 THz
Dynamics of the deformation and destruction of a heterogeneous body (granite) under the influence of an electric discharge
Dynamics of the processes of electron-hole recombination and capture of charge carriers in anatase doped with boron, carbon, or nitrogen
Dynamics of ultimately short electromagnetic pulses in chiral carbon nanotubes
Dynamics of ultrashort pulse propagation in the multilayer graphene-boron nitride system
Dynamics of water molecules adsorbed by silica and resin SGK-7
Effect of a weak magnetic field on stepwise deformation of lead in the large strain region
Effect of boron, nitrogen, and oxygen impurities on the electronic structure and deformation behavior of Ti3SiC2
Effect of carbonization temperature on the microplasticity of wood-derived biocarbon
Effect of chemisorption of donor and acceptor gases on the semiconductor-metal phase transition in vanadium dioxide films
Effect of cobalt doping on thermoelastic martensitic transformations and physical properties of magnetic shape memory alloys Ni50 - x Co x Mn29Ga21
Effect of conductivity on the dielectric characteristics of cyano-ethyl ester of poly(vinyl alcohol)
Effect of constant magnetic field on the microhardness of LiIO3 single crystals
Effect of deposition of samarium atoms on the electron-stimulated desorption of cesium and samarium atoms from the surface of tungsten coated by gold and cesium
Effect of dimensionality on the spectra of hybrid plasmonic-photonic crystals
Effect of dispersion on the phonon focusing and anisotropy of thermal conductivity of silicon single crystals in the boundary scattering regime
Effect of dopant Cr ions on the dielectric properties of melt-grown ZnSe crystals
Effect of doping with 3d elements (Co, Ni, Cu) on the intrinsic defect structure and photocatalytic properties of nanostructured ZnO with tubular morphology of aggregates
Effect of electron irradiation on the paramagnetic state of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3
Effect of exchange interaction on the spin fluctuations of localized electrons
Effect of grain boundaries on the electron work function of nanocrystalline nickel
Effect of hydrostatic pressure on the magnetic and lattice properties of the ferromagnet La(Fe0.86Si0.14)13
Effect of ion irradiation on the structure and luminescence characteristics of porous silicon impregnated with tungsten-telluride glass doped by Er and Yb impurities
Effect of light-induced drop in electrical resistance of bulk SrTiO3 crystals
Effect of preliminary oxidation annealing on properties of porous silicon impregnated with a tungsten-tellurite glass activated by Er and Yb
Effect of pressure on phonon spectra and elastic properties of orthorhombic GeSe
Effect of pulsed ion irradiation on the electronic structure of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Effect of temperature and magnetic field on the evolution of a vortex structure of the granular YBa2Cu3O7 - d high-temperature superconductor
Effect of temperature on inhomogeneous elastic deformation and negative stiffness of NiAl and FeAl alloy nanofilms
Effect of the local coulomb interaction of strongly correlated electrons on phonon, elastic, and electronic properties of ZnSe crystals
Effect of the microstructure on electrical properties of high-purity germanium
Effect of the number of nanodisks in two-dimensional arrays on magnetization reversal processes
Effect of thermomagnetic and thermomechanical treatments on the magnetic properties and structure of the nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy Fe81Si6Nb3B9Cu1
Effect of uniaxial compression on traps of excitons and charge carriers in poly(9-vinylcarbazole) films
Effect of water on the a-ß phase transition in a surface quartz layer
Effective field theory for disordered magnetic alloys
Effects of spatial dispersion at intraband transitions in multiple quantum well structures
Elastic and thermal properties of Zr z Nb1 - z C x N y solid solutions
Elastic properties of compressed crystalline Ne in the model of deformable atoms
Elastic properties of heavy rare-gas crystals under pressure in the model of deformable atoms
Electric strength of rocks at a pulsed voltage under high pressures at high temperatures
Electrical and galvanomagnetic properties of nanoporous carbon samples impregnated with bromine
Electrical conductivity and band structure of thin polycrystalline EuS films
Electrical conductivity and thermopower of metallic helium
Electric-field-induced phase transition in the relaxor ceramics based on PMN-PT
Electromagnetic waves with a negative group velocity in a randomly inhomogeneous Josephson junction
Electron paramagnetic resonance of Gd3+ ions in Ca1 - x - y Y x Gd y F2 + x + y crystals
Electron transport in manganite bicrystal junctions
Electron transport, magnetic state, and type of holes in (La0.8Ca0.2)1 - y Mn1 - z O3 + d
Electron-electron correlations in Raman spectra of VO2
Electronic band structure and optical absorption of nanotubular zinc oxide doped with Iron, Cobalt, or Copper
Electronic band structure, optical absorption, and photocatalytic activity of iron-doped anatase
Electronic excitations and luminescence of SrMgF4 single crystals
Electronic structure and optical properties of anatase doped with bismuth and carbon
Electronic structure and stability of complex hydrides Mg2 MH x (M = Fe, Co)
Electronic structure and stability of nonstoichiometric titanium monoxide TiO y with structural vacancies in one of the sublattices
Electronic structure of copper halides CuI and CuCl: A comparative X-Ray photoelectron and absorption spectroscopy study
Electronic structure of rutile simultaneously doped with carbon and nitrogen atoms in the coherent potential approximation
Electronic structure of silicon dioxide (a review)
Electronic structure of the Zr-He system
Electrophysical properties and structural features of shungite (natural nanostructured carbon)
Electrophysical properties of carbon nanocomposites based on nanodiamonds irradiated with fast neutrons
Electrostimulation of the magnetoplastic effect in LiF crystals by an “internal” electric field induced during indentation
Energy of the elastic loading of anharmonic solids
Energy of the frequency-elastic effect in solids
Energy spectrum and optical properties of infinite carbon nanotubes in the Hubbard model
Energy spectrum and optical transitions in C80 fullerene isomers
Energy spectrum of the graphene-based Fibonacci superlattice
EPR diagnostics of laser materials based on ZnSe crystals doped with transition elements
EPR investigation of local paramagnetic centers in perovskite-like crystals
EPR study of charge compensation of chromium centers in the strontium titanate crystal
EPR study of the effect of ionizing radiation on chromium centers in Mg2SiO4: Cr,Li laser crystals
EPR study of the effect of partial pressure of oxygen in the growth atmosphere on concentration of chromium centers in synthetic forsterite
Equilibrium configurations and phase transitions in dipole lattices
Equilibrium ensembles of quantum dots in atomically inhomogeneous pentagonal nanowires
Equilibrium states and dynamics of the dipole moment of square arrays of dipoles
Estimation of the cross section of neutron scattering by spin waves in thin ferromagnetic layers
E-T phase diagrams of a solid solution of the multicomponent PbZn1/3Nb2/3O3-PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3-PbNi1/3Nb2/3O3-PbTiO3 system near the morphotropic phase boundary
Evolution of dielectric and optical properties in PbIn1/2Nb1/2O3-PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3-PbTiO3 single crystals in an electric field
Evolution of phase transitions in SrTiO3-BiFeO3 solid solutions
Evolution of the electronic density of Ni d-states in Ti-Ni alloys with a change in the concentration of the components
Evolution of the heterogeneous structure of model sodium silicate glasses during binodal decomposition: X-ray small-angle scattering investigation
Evolution of the mössbauer spectra of ludwigite Co3 - x Fe x O2BO3 with substitution of iron for cobalt
Evolution of the spectral characteristics upon annealing of lithium borate glasses containing europium and aluminum
Evolution of the structure of near-surface ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene nanolayers during orientational drawing
Exciton spectra and electrical conductivity of epitaxial silicon-doped GaN layers
Experimental study of the built-in field in intergrain channels of thin ferroelectric Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 films
Experimental study of the Grüneisen parameter of a fullerite C60 single crystal near phase transitions at 90 and 260 K by the photoacoustic method
Extremely short electromagnetic pulses in an array of carbon nanotubes with a longitudinal field inhomogeneity
Extremely short optical pulses in strained graphene in terms of the gauge theory
Family of paramagnetic centers of Ce3+ ions in yttrium aluminum garnet
Features of LaBO3 phase formation during solid-phase synthesis from the amorphous precursor state
Features of the doping effect on YAlO3 phase sequences during synthesis from an amorphous precursor state
Features of the Jahn-Teller transition in Ni1 - x Co x Cr2O4 solid solutions
Features of the structure, microstructure, and magnetic properties of manganese-aluminum spinels obtained in various thermal treatment conditions
Fermi energy of a metal nanowire with elliptical cross section
Ferroelastic phase transitions in (NH4)2TaF7
Ferroelectric films of deuterated glycine phosphite: Structure and dielectric properties
Ferroelectrics with composition gradient: On the nature of hysteresis loop shift
Ferromagnetic magnetization switching by an electric field: A review
Ferromagnetic resonance in the Cr1/3NbS2 helical magnet
Ferromagnetism of nanoclusters of chromium alloys and luminescence quenching in ZnSe/ZnMgSSe/ZnSSe: Cr heterostructures
Fine structure and magnetism of bulk Zn1 - x Cr x Se single-crystal cubic compounds (0 <= x <= 0.045)
Fine structure of the cubic semiconductor compound Zn0.9Ni0.1S
Fine structures and switching of electrical conductivity in labyrinth silver films on sapphire
First-order phase transition through an intermediate state
Fluctuations of the order parameter in R 0.55Sr0.45MnO3 manganites near the metal-insulator phase transition
Fluid synthesis and structure of a new polymorphic modification of boron nitride
Formation and magnetic properties of the silicon-cobalt interface
Formation of different surface reliefs of metallic glasses under mechanical stress
Formation of silver nanoparticles on the silicate glass surface after ion exchange
Formation of square-order areas on the colloidosome surface
Formation of the composition and topography of surface layers of Cu50Ni50 foils under laser irradiation
Formation of the front of longitudinal evolution of the magnetic moment of a ferromagnet under strong inhomogeneous excitation
Formation of the nanostructure in amorphous alloys of the Al-Ni-Y system
Galvanomagnetic properties of La0.7Sr0.3Mn0.9Cu0.1O3
Generation of phase nuclei by solitons of the new “undulator” type in martensitic phase transitions of crystalline materials
Generation of rectangular prismatic dislocation loops in shells and cores of composite nanoparticles
Geometric structure and electron spectrum of YSi n - clusters (n = 6–17)
Getter formation in silicon by implantation of antimony ions
Green’s tensor for crystals of the hexagonal system
Growth specifics of GaAs nanowires in mesa
Hardness and microplasticity of nanocrystalline and amorphous calcium phosphate coatings
Heat capacity of Bio-SiC and SiC/Si ecoceramics prepared from white eucalyptus, beech, and sapele tree wood
Heat capacity of nanostructured BaTiO3 ceramics
Heat capacity of Tb2Cu2O5 in the temperature range 379–924 K
Heat capacity of Tm2Cu2O5 in the temperature range 431–1004 K
Helical magnetic structures in cubic perovskites
Helium defectoscopy of cerium gadolinium ceramics Ce0.8Gd0.2O1.9 with a submicrocrystalline structure in the impurity disorder region
High-resolution Raman scattering in oligonucleotides
High-temperature heat capacity of BaFe12O19 and BaSc0.5Fe11.5O19
High-temperature heat capacity of CuGa2O4
High-temperature heat capacity of CuGeO3 and Cu0.9Yb0.1GeO3
High-temperature heat capacity of Dy2Cu2O5
High-temperature heat capacity of Gd2CuO4
High-temperature heat capacity of La2CuO4
High-temperature heat capacity of Sm2CuO4 and Ho2Cu2O5
High-temperature heat capacity of TbFe3(BO3)4
High-temperature heat capacity of Y2.9Ho0.1Al5O12
High-temperature heat capacity of Y2Cu2O5
High-temperature heat capacity of YFe3(BO3)4
Hybrid material polyvinyl alcohol-stannic acid/stannic oxide
Hydrogen adsorption on low-index surfaces of the PdFe alloy
Hyperfine magnetic interactions in Tb(Fe1 - x Al x )2 alloys
Hyperfine structure of EPR spectra of Gd3+ odd isotopes in PbMoO4, Pb5Ge3O11, YVO4, and quadrupole interaction (temperature dependence)
Hysteresis-free spin valves with a noncollinear configuration of magnetic anisotropy
Impurity centers in synthetic and natural diamonds with a system of electron-vibronic Lines at 418 nm in luminescence spectra
Influence of aluminum impurity on the electronic structure and optical properties of the TbNi5 intermetallic compound
Influence of anions stabilizing the sols in synthesis of powders of highly dispersed titanium dioxide and three-dimensional nanocomposites based on SiO2/TiO2
Influence of atmospheric humidity on the symmetry and phase transitions of layered potassium oxyfluorides K2NbOF5 · H2O
Influence of burrowing the atoms on the density of the Fe and Co nanoclusters on the Cu(100) surface
Influence of cesium atoms on the field electron emission from multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Influence of chemical composition on the stability of YBa2Cu3O y in a humid atmosphere
Influence of composition nonstoichiometry on the electrical conductivity of LiNaGe4O9 crystals
Influence of dehydration on the electron spin resonance in the Cu3[W(CN)8]2(Pyrimidine)2 · 8H2O molecular magnet
Influence of external factors on the self-organization of lead and tin telluride nanostructures on the BaF2(111) surface under conditions close to the thermodynamic equilibrium
Influence of grain size distribution on the lattice thermal conductivity of Bi2Te3-Sb2Te3-based nanostructured materials
Influence of high hydrostatic pressure on the vibrational spectrum of an edge dislocation and its dynamic interaction with point defects
Influence of incomplete shape memory deformation on the generation of reactive stresses in single crystals of the Cu-Al-Ni alloy
Influence of lanthanide impurities on the anion conductivity of cubic zirconia
Influence of low-temperature annealing on the microstructure of cryogenically deformed copper
Influence of nematic and smectic orders on polarizability of molecules of ethyl-p-(4-ethoxybenzylideneamino-)a-methyl cinnamate liquid crystals
Influence of photoexcitation on the EPR spectra of Mo5+ in Li2Zn2(MoO4)3: Ce3+,Cu2+ crystals annealed in a CO2 atmosphere
Influence of polyvalent metal ions on formation processes of radiation defects in LiF crystals
Influence of rare-earth ions on the dielectric response in stillwellite glasses
Influence of sintering conditions and laser radiation on the surface microstructure, chemical composition, and electrical conductivity of CuO/Ag ceramics
Influence of structurization of amorphous metallic alloys Al87Y5 - x Gd x Ni8 - y (x = 0, 1, 5; y = 0, 4) on their mechanical properties
Influence of the antiphase domain structure on the long-range atomic order parameter in the Ni3Mn alloy with superstructure L12
Influence of the composition of TlGa1 - x Er x Se2 crystals on their dielectric characteristics and parameters of localized states
Influence of the degree of long-range atomic order on parameters of the solid solution and the granular structure of the Pd3Fe alloy with superstructure L12
Influence of the electric potential on the plastic deformation of conductors
Influence of the film thickness and additional elements (Al, O, and N) on the properties of FeCo film structures
Influence of the form of structure factor on the mobility of nondegenerate two-dimensional electrons
Influence of the granule size on the magnetocaloric properties of manganite La0.5Ca0.5MnO3
Influence of the ion synthesis and ion doping regimes on the effect of sensitization of erbium emission by silicon nanoclusters in silicon dioxide films
Influence of the isotopic substitution 16O ? 18O on the magnetic, electrical, and thermal properties of manganite La0.8Ag0.1MnO3
Influence of the magnetic and structural heterogeneities on the thermopower, magnetothermpower, and spontaneous generation of electric voltage in the manganite Sm0.55Sr0.45MnO3
Influence of the magnetic field strength and excitation intensity on the shape of microphotoluminescence spectra of quantum-well structures based on GaN/InGaN doped with Sm and Eu + Sm
Influence of the microcrystalline structure on the magnetic properties of ferromagnetic films and structures on their base
Influence of the optical pulse length on the amplitude and phase of photoinduced coherent phonons
Influence of three-dimensional inhomogeneities of the magnetic parameters on the dynamics of vortex-like domain walls
Influence of zeolite water on paramagnetic and ferromagnetic resonances in the Co2[Nb(CN)8] · 8H2O molecular magnet
Infrared absorption investigation of the role of octahedral groups upon the phase transition in the Rb2KMoO3F3 crystal
Initial growth stages of manganese films on the Si(100)2 × 1 surface
Integrated characterization of multilayer periodic systems with nanosized layers as applied to Mo/Si structures
Interaction of binary cuprates with oxygen and water vapor at temperatures of 200–400°C
Interfaces in superconducting hybrid heterostructures with an antiferromagnetic interlayer
Internal friction in Cu6PS5Br superionic crystals and related composites
Inverse opal based on a polymer filler and transformation of its optical characteristics
Investigation into phase diagrams of the fluorine-oxygen system: Ferroelastic-antiferroelectric (NH4)2WO2F4-(NH4)2MoO2F4
Investigation of impurity levels in thin polycrystalline SmS films
Investigation of microstrain in dispersion-strengthened steels
Investigation of radiation resistance of fullerenes under irradiation with fast neutrons
Investigation of relaxation processes in nanocrystalline cobalt produced by severe plastic deformation
Investigation of structural features of the Y3Al5O12: Ce3+/Lu2O3 crystal phosphors formed by the colloidal chemical method
Investigation of the creep and glass transition of elastomers by the microindentation method: Epoxy resin and related nanocomposites
Investigation of the energy-saving process of cement dispersion in a helium atmosphere
Investigation of the ferroelastic phase transition in the SrMgF4 pyroelectric crystal
Investigation of the GdMn2O5 multiferroic by the µSR method
Investigation of the homogeneity of sol-gel-derived microcrystals with a mixed ZnO-MgO-FeO composition
Investigation of the influence of nonstoichiometry and doping with carbon and nitrogen on the electronic spectrum of rutile by the coherent potential method
Investigation of the structure and composition of film sol-gel-derived CoO x -SiO2 systems
Investigation of the structure and luminescence properties of CdF2-CaF2 : Eu superlattices on Si(111)
Investigations of the structure and conformations of star-shaped polymers with fullerene branching centers functionalized by carbonyl groups
Investigations of the structure and conformations of star-shaped polymers with fullerene branching centers: Polystyrenes with different structures and functionalities of the C60 centers in toluene
Ion beam synthesis and investigation of nanocomposite multiferroics based on barium titanate with 3d metal nanoparticles
Ion channeling study of lattice distortions in chromium-doped SrTiO3 crystals
Ionization mechanism of the electrical degradation (breakdown) of polymer dielectric films
Ising model of a dilute ferromagnet in the self-consistent field approximation
Jumpwise deformation of polymethyl methacrylate in the microplasticity region
Kinetic peculiarities of diamond crystallization in K-Na-Mg-Ca-Carbonate-Carbon melt-solution
Kinetic properties of TiN thin films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering
Kinetic stability of octagraphene
Kinetics and dynamics of heat-flow-induced birefringence in a glass: Modulation polarimetric representation
Kinetics of migration (deposition) of fission products and interstitial impurities to sinks with different singularities
Kinetics of silicon precipitation in a directionally crystallized binary aluminum-silicon alloy
Lamellar structure and nanomechanical properties of quasicrystalline Al-Cu-Fe alloys
Landau theory of crystallization and self-assembly of octagonal quasicrystals
Limits of applicability of the concept of scattering amplitude in small-angle scattering problems
Linear expansion, phase separation, and magnetic inhomogeneities in La0.92Ca0.08MnO3
Local instability of the crystal lattice of semiconductor compounds A II B VI: Me (Me = 3d Ion) in the sphalerite modification
Localization of carbon atoms and extended defects in silicon implanted separately with C+ and B+ ions and jointly with C+ and B+ ions
Long-range coulomb interaction of electrons of 4f orbitals in impurity centers Yb3+: KZnF3, CsCaF3, and Sm3+: CaF2
Luminescence of borates with yttrium and lutetium cations
Luminescence of LaBr3: Ce,Hf crystals under photon excitation in the ultraviolet, vacuum ultraviolet, and X-ray ranges
Luminescence of quartz under the action of a shock wave
Luminescent and dosimetric properties of nanostructured ceramics based on aluminum oxide
Magnetic and dynamic properties of Sm x Mn1 - x S solid solutions
Magnetic and electrical properties of the half-metallic ferromagnets Co2CrAl
Magnetic and piezoelectric properties of the Bi1 - x La x FeO3 system near the transition from the polar to antipolar phase
Magnetic phase transition in ?-In x Fe2 - x O3 nanowires
Magnetic properties and surface morphology of layered In2Se3 crystals intercalated with cobalt
Magnetic properties of polycrystalline films of CoCr2O4 and CoFe0.5Cr1.5O4 multiferroics
Magnetic properties of some opal-based nanocomposites
Magnetic structure of the compensated ferromagnet-multiferroic interface
Magnetic structure of the Nd5Ge3 compound
Magnetization and magnetic circular dichroism of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/YSZ polycrystalline films
Magnetization reversal processes in layered high-temperature superconductors with ferromagnetic impurities
Magnetocaloric properties of La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 manganites with 16O ? 18O isotopic substitution
Magnetoelectric effect and magnetic dynamics in the Gd2CuO4 antiferromagnet
Magnetoelectric effect in a magnetostrictive-piezoelectric bilayer structure
Magneto-optical properties of the iron garnet Tb3Fe5O12 near the magnetic compensation temperature
Magneto-optical spectroscopy of the martensitic transition in Fe48Mn24Ga28 Heusler alloys
Magnetostriction and thermal expansion of HoAl3(BO3)4
Magnetotransport parameters of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 films grown on neodymium gallate substrates
Many-atom interactions in the theory of higher order elastic moduli: A general theory
Material constants of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 solid solutions
Measurement of the probe impact force of the atomic force microscope operating in the amplitude modulation mode
Mechanism of cerium doping-induced formation and modification of the energy spectrum in the Nd2 - x Ce x CuO y system
Mechanism of charge transfer in injection photodiodes based on the In-n +-CdS-n-CdS x Te1 - x -p-Zn x Cd1 - x Te-Mo structure
Mechanism of formation of cellular dislocation structures during propagation of intense shock waves in crystals
Method of averaging over interaction fields for constructing the fixed-scale renormalization group transformation
Micromagnetic calculation of magnetostatic oscillation modes of an orthogonally magnetized disk of yttrium iron garnet
Microporous and mesoporous carbon nanostructures with the inverse opal lattice
Microstructure and magnetic properties of multilayered [Fe/Pt]n structures prepared by successive deposition
Microstructure of nanocrystalline nonstoichiometric vanadium carbide VC0.875
Microstructure, chemical bonds, and friction properties of nanocrystalline diamond films deposited in two different plasma media
Misfit dislocation loops in composite core-shell nanoparticles
Mobility of nondegenerate two-dimensional electrons in scattering by a correlated distribution of impurity ions
Model of thermodynamic properties of fullerite
Modeling of the interrelation of mechanical and electrical parameters of the surface of solids
Modification of the dielectric properties of copper-doped CdIn2S4 single crystal
Modification of the magnetic properties of polyimide films by cobalt ion implantation
Modulated quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnetic structures in La1 - y Nd y MnO3 + d manganites
Modulus of elasticity and thermal expansion coefficient of glassy solids
Molecular dynamics calculation of the thermal conductivity coefficient of single-layer and multilayer graphene sheets
Molecular dynamics investigation of the diffusion permeability of triple junctions of tilt and mixed-type boundaries in nickel
Molecular dynamics simulation analysis of small-angle neutron scattering by a solution of stearic acid in benzene
Molecular dynamics simulation of compression of single-layer graphene
Molecular dynamics simulation of the heteroepitaxial growth of Cu-Pd solid solution films on Pd(001)
Mössbauer studies of PbFe2/3W1/3O3 multiferroics
Multiphoton mechanism of ionization of deep centers in HfO2
Mutual influence of sublattices in the Cu y Fe x TiSe2 cointercalate compound
Na+-ion conductivity of double phosphate Na3Sc2(PO4)3 in the region of the ß-? transition
Nanoindentation of amorphous Ge-As-Se films
Negative stiffness of the FeAl intermetallic nanofilm
Neutron diffraction investigation of specific features of the structure of ultrafine (nano) materials
Neutron diffraction studies of the structure of substituted complex cobalt oxides
Neutron diffraction study of the interaction of iron with amorphous fullerite
New method of determining the young’s Modulus of (Ga,Mn)As nanowhiskers with a scanning electron microscope
Nonadiabatic spin-dependent transitions in iron clusters as a possible cause of the magnetoplastic effect in NaCl : Fe
Nonequilibrium states and anomalies of Young’s modulus in rare-earth cobaltites RBaCo4O7 (R = Dy-Er, Y, Lu) caused by short-range magnetic order
Nonisothermal nucleation in the CuCl solid solution in glass: Dissolution of subcritical CuCl nuclei with a positive jump of the nucleation temperature
Nonisothermal nucleation in the CuCl solid solution in glass: Formation of two distributions of nanoparticles of a new phase in the solid solution with a negative jump of the nucleation temperature
Nonlinear dielectric response in the mixed K0.91(NH4)0.09H2PO4 crystal
Nonlinear magnetoelectric effect in composite multiferroics
Nonlinear skin effect in semimetals
Nonlinearity and hysteresis in longitudinal current transport in CoSi/GaAs alloy layers deposited from laser plasma
Numerical simulation of the transport properties of indium antimonide
Observation of edge photoluminescence in the organic semiconductor polyaniline
Observation of structural relaxations in disordered solid media via spectral histories of single impurity molecules
On the charge transfer in the “single-sheet graphene-intercalated metal layer-SiC substrate” system
On the effect of spontaneous polarization on the height of the Schottky barrier at the metal-ferroelectric contact
On the fermi velocity and static conductivity of epitaxial graphene
On the influence of the band structure of insulators and image forces on the spectral characteristics of metal-insulator film systems
On the mechanisms of photogeneration of charge carriers in PEPC-C60 composites
On the nature of a lattice vibrational mode at a frequency of 135 cm-1 in Hg1 - x Cd x Te alloys
On the nature of the magnetoplastic effect in a beryllium condensate
On the phase superlattice in a vanadium dioxide film
On the possible mechanism of increase in the phase transition temperature in a ferroelectric-insulator composite
On the power-law pressure dependence of the plastic strain rate of crystals under intense shock wave loading
On the problem of the LO-TO splitting of the soft mode in CaTiO3
On the theory of nonlinear dopplerons in metals
On the thermal stability of the cobalt nanostructure formed under severe plastic deformation
On the vacancy in a metal
On the vineyard formula for the pre-exponential factor in the Arrhenius law
Optical and electrophysical properties of nanocomposites based on PEDOT: PSS and gold/silver nanoparticles
Optical and structural properties of fullerene films doped with cadmium telluride
Optical investigations of anisotropy of the conducting p-electron system in crystals of the organic superconductor (EDT-TTF)4[Hg3I8]1 - x
Optical properties and band structure of a layered Tl2S crystal
Optical properties of low-dimensional organic conductors with differently oriented conducting layers: (EDT-TTF)3Hg2Br6 and (EDT-TTF)3Hg(SCN)3I0.5(PhCl)0.5
Optical spectroscopy and electronic structure of the GdCu x compounds (x = 1, 2, 5)
Organic light-emitting diodes based on polyvinylcarbazole films doped with polymer nanoparticles
Orientational order and polarizability of molecules in a nematic liquid crystal
Origin of the low-frequency band in Raman spectra of multi-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by the CVD method
Oxidation of the porous silicon surface under the action of a pulsed ionic beam: XPS and XANES studies
Paramagnetic defects in manganese-doped lead tungstate
Percolation conductivity of single-crystal manganite Pr1 - x Sr x MnO3 (x = 0.22; 0.24) in the phase-separation state
Phase transitions in KNO3 embedded in MCM-41 films with regular nanopores
Phase transitions in molecular crystals of dicarboxylic acids
Phonon spectrum of a naphthalene crystal at a high pressure: Influence of shortened distances on the lattice and intramolecular vibrations
Photoelectric, nonlinear optical, and photorefractive properties of polymer composites including carbon nanotubes and cyanine dyes
Photoinduced charge redistribution and its influence on excitonic states in Zn(Cd)Se/ZnMgSSe/GaAs quantum-well heterostructures
Photo-induced current transient spectroscopy of the ferroelectric-semiconductor TlGaSe2
Photoluminescence and exciton resonances over the scattered light in multiphonon spectra of resonant scattering in the CdTe/ZnTe superlattices with narrow quantum wells
Photoluminescence of manganese-doped LiNaGe4O9 crystals
Photoluminescence properties of heavily doped heterostructures based on (Al x Ga1 - x As)1 - y Si y solid solutions
Photonic crystals and glasses from monodisperse spherical mesoporous silica particles filled with nickel
Photonic crystals of diamond spheres with the opal structure
Photonic liquid crystals: Optical properties and their dependence on light polarization and temperature
Photonic properties of two-dimensional high-contrast periodic structures: Numerical calculations
Photosensitive bismuth ions in lead tungstate
Photovoltaic properties of a heterojunction based on copper phthalocyanine films on the surface of polycrystalline cadmium sulfide
Physical processes in high-temperature superconductors at the interface between the vortex-filled and meissner regions
Physical properties of glasses in the Ag2GeS3-AgBr system
Physical, mechanical, and tribological properties of quasicrystalline Al-Cu-Fe coatings prepared by plasma spraying
Piezoeffect in fluorographane-like 2D supracrystals
Piezoelectric effect in graphene-like 2D supracrystals with a periodic perforation breaking the central symmetry
Piezoelectric energy nanoharvester based on an array of ZnO whisker nanocrystals and a flat copper electrode
Point defects and amplification in active layers of InGaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures
Polymeric sulfides CdS, CuS, and NiS in polyvinyl alcohol matrix
Poole-Frenkel effect in chalcogenide semiconductors with various crystalline structures
Possible mechanisms of increase in heat capacity of nanostructured metals
Potassium cation conduction in K3 - 2x Pb x PO4 solid solutions
Preparation of colloidal films with different degrees of disorder from monodisperse spherical silica particles
Properties of a composite material based on multi-walled carbon nanotubes and an ionic liquid
Properties of BaTiO3/BaZrO3 ferroelectric superlattices with competing instabilities
Properties of ceramic manganite (La0.65Sr0.35)1 - x Mn1 + x O3 ± ? (x = 0, 0.1, 0.2) sintered at a temperature of 1500°C
Properties of the amorphous-nanocrystalline Gd2O3 powder prepared by pulsed electron beam evaporation
Prospects for neutron spectrometry of new-type bound multiphonon solitons and bisolitons generated by ultrasound and hypersound
Proton conductivity and phase transition in potassium hydroxide monohydrate
Pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties of thin PZT films at the morphotropic phase boundary
Quantum metal film in the dielectric environment
Quantum-size states of the deformed nanosphere
Quasi-elastic neutron scattering by an aqueous dispersion of nanodiamonds
Quasi-stationary electron states in a multilayered structure in longitudinal electric and transverse magnetic fields
Radiation phenomena in microinhomogeneous structures of flouroaluminate glass-like materials
Radiation resistance of LaPO4 (monazite structure) and YbPO4 (zircon structure) from data of computer simulation
Radiation-induced defects in annealed carbonate-containing hydroxyapatite
Raman light scattering and electron microscopy of nanocomposites with the metal core-carbon shell structure
Raman scattering of light in N-benzylaniline crystals
Raman spectroscopy of gold nanoparticles in polycrystalline LiF film
Raman spectroscopy study of lattice dynamics of macro-, micro-, and nanostructured barium titanates
Recording of domains by an electron beam on the surface of +Z cuts of lithium niobate
Reflection of surface acoustic waves in the bulk of a hexagonal single crystal
Regularities of lamellae ordering in the formation of polypropylene membrane porous structure
Relaxation of static photoelasticity in triglycine fluoroberyllate crystals
Relaxation of the monolayer of epitaxial graphene caused by the electron-phonon interaction with a substrate
Relaxation processes of separation in the formation of open submonolayer films
Relaxation times and mean free paths of phonons in the boundary scattering regime for silicon single crystals
Remanent magnetizations of gadolinium iron garnet sublattices near the compensation point
Residual electrical resistivity of dilute nickel alloys
Resonance Bragg structure with double InGaN quantum wells
Resonant diffraction of electromagnetic waves from solids (a review)
Resonant dislocation motion in NaCl crystals in the EPR scheme in the Earth’s magnetic field with pulsed pumping
Role of adhesion in the metal-semiconductor phase transition in polycrystalline vanadium dioxide films
Role of the static and dynamic aging of dislocations in the kinetics of deformation of doped crystals
Rupture of molecules upon fracture of adhesive joint between two polymer samples
Scattering of conduction electrons in Fe(t x , Å)/Cr(10 Å) superlattices with ultrathin iron layers
Second-order and third-order elastic constants of B95 aluminum alloy and B95/nanodiamond composite
Self-diffraction of frequency-modulated light in the Bi12TiO20 crystal
Self-diffusion in liquid lithium and lead from coherent quasi-elastic neutron scattering data
Self-organization of lamellae and permeability of microporous oriented polypropylene films
Self-organization of the structure in the Cu60Fe40 composite during deformation-thermal treatment
Serrated creep and spatio-temporal structures of macrolocalized plastic deformation
Short-range order and singularities of the electronic structure of icosahedral quasicrystals
Simple model potential for the description of elastic properties of single-layer graphene
Simulation of chemical adsorption of hydrogen by carbon nanotubes
Simulation of the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of hydrides of the La(Fe0.88Si0.12)13 compound by applying a negative pressure
Simulation of the self-organization of nanocontacts in thin gold films
Simulation of the superlinearity of dose characteristics of thermoluminescence of anion-defective aluminum oxide
Size dependence of the activation energy of diffusion in multilayer Cu-Ni films
Size dependence of the temperature coefficient of surface tension for a solid nanoparticle at the interface with vapor
Sizes and fluorescence of cadmium sulfide quantum dots
Small-angle neutron scattering investigation of the nanostructure of ferritic-martensitic 12%-chromium steels
Small-angle neutron scattering investigation of the nanostructure of the SAV-1 alloy irradiated with fast neutrons to high fluences
Small-angle neutron scattering study of the mesostructure of bioactive coatings for stone materials based on nanodiamond-modified epoxy siloxane sols
Small-angle neutron scattering study of the structure of mixed micellar solutions based on nonionic and two cationic surfactants
Small-angle polarized neutron scattering study of the mesostructure of phase precipitates in the steel P91 after heat treatment
Solid-phase synthesis of manganese silicides on the Si(100)2 × 1 surface
Soliton and multiphonon microdynamics of thermal conductivity of plutonium and uranium in the temperature range of martensitic phase transitions
Soliton microdynamics of heat conduction in plutonium and uranium in the temperature range of martensitic phase transitions
Specific features in the change of electrical resistivity of carbon nanocomposites based on nanodiamonds under neutron irradiation
Specific features of local structural, valence, and magnetic states of iron ions in the perovskite Bi0.5Ca0.5FeO3
Specific features of magnetic ordering in the SmFeGe2O7 compound
Specific features of neutron scattering upon heat treatment of the Co67Fe31V2 alloy
Specific features of optical phonons in raman spectra of an array of vertical ZnO microrods on silicon
Specific features of photoelectron emission from palladium clusters on graphite
Specific features of plastic relaxation of a metastable Ge x Si1 - x layer buried between a silicon substrate and a relaxed germanium layer
Specific features of temperature dependences of energy parameters of interfacial interactions in crystalline quartz-pb and (NaCl,KCl)-Pb systems
Specific features of the charge and mass transfer in a silver-intercalated hafnium diselenide
Specific features of the crystal structure and magnetic properties of the DyFeTi2O7 compound
Specific features of the crystal structure of polymorphous modifications of KFeO2 and their correlation with ionic conductivity
Specific features of the dielectric spectrum of CaCu3Ti4O12 in the low-frequency range
Specific features of the electrical conductivity of V6O11
Specific features of the electrical resistance of half-metallic ferromagnetic alloys Co2CrAl and Co2CrGa
Specific features of the electron paramagnetic resonance spectrum in the vicinity of the convergence of the transitions of gadolinium centers in Pb5(Ge1 - x Si x )3O11
Specific features of the electronic structure and spectral properties of NdNi5 - x Cu x compounds
Specific features of the evolution of electrolytic copper microcrystals with inhibition of the growth of low-energy facets
Specific features of the formation of arrays of silver clusters from a thin film on a SiO2 surface
Specific features of the formation of phase states in a non-Heisenberg magnet with S = 2
Specific features of the spectral properties of a cholesteric liquid crystal with a resonance defective nanocomposite layer
Specific heat of nanostructured superconducting tin in magnetic fields
Spectral and dynamic analysis of plastic instabilities during serrated creep of the aluminum-magnesium alloy
Spectrometric pairs on a unique single-crystal basis in experiments on small-angle neutron scattering
Spectrum of vibrational frequencies of crystalline tungsten at temperatures of 293 and 2400 K
Spin-dependent intravalley and intervalley electron-phonon scatterings in germanium
Spontaneous and stimulated emission in the mid-ultraviolet range of quantum-well heterostructures based on AlGaN compounds grown by molecular beam epitaxy on c-sapphire substrates
Spontaneous generation of the electrical voltage in charge-ordered manganite Pr0.6Ca0.4MnO3
Spontaneous phase transitions in ferrite garnet films
Structural and magnetic heterogeneities, phase transitions, 55Mn NMR, and magnetoresistive properties of La0.6Sr0.3 - x Bi x Mn1.1O3
Structural and magnetic inhomogeneities, phase transitions, 55Mn NMR, and magnetoresistive properties of La0.6Sr0.2Mn1.2 - x Nb x O3 ceramics
Structural and magnetic inhomogeneities, phase transitions, 55Mn nuclear magnetic resonance, and magnetoresistive properties of La0.6 - x Nd x Sr0.3Mn1.1O3-d ceramics
Structural and magnetic inhomogeneity, phase transitions, magnetoresonance and magnetoresistive properties of La0.6 - x Pr x Sr0.3Mn1.1O3 (x = 0–0.6)
Structural and physicomechanical properties of directionally crystallized aluminum-silicon alloys
Structural and some electrophysical properties of the solid solutions Si1 - x Sn x (0 <= x <= 0.04)
Structural aspects of the antiferroelectric-paraelectric phase transition in double perovskite Pb2MgWO6 at high pressures and temperatures
Structural deformations in metastable cubic compounds Ni(1 - x)Zn x O (0.60 <= x <= 0.99)
Structural Features of Cubic Crystals Zn1 - x Me x 3d Te (Me 3d = V and Ni)
Structural instability in BaZrO3 crystals: Calculations and experiment
Structural position and charge state of nickel in SrTiO3
Structural state of second-generation HTSCs obtained by laser ablation
Structural transformations in plastically deformed cobalt
Structural, electronic, mechanical, and magnetic properties and relative stability of polymorphic modifications of ReN2 from Ab initio calculation data
Structural, spectroscopic, and thermophysical investigations of the oxyfluorides CsZnMoO3F3 and CsMnMoO3F3 with the pyrochlore structure
Structure and dielectric properties of Bi6 - x Sr x Ti2 - x Nb2 + x O18 (x = 0–2) solid solutions
Structure and electrical properties of liquid crystal films grown by the Langmuir technology
Structure and electrochemical characteristics of LiFePO4 cathode materials for rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
Structure and lattice dynamics of heterostructures based on bismuth ferrite and barium strontium titanate
Structure and magneto-transport parameters of partially relaxed and coherently grown La0.67Ba0.33MnO3 films
Structure and mechanical properties of crystals of partially stabilized zirconia after thermal treatment
Structure and properties of Co-Ni-Fe coatings deposited electrolytically in the X-Ray irradiation
Structure and properties of the intercalation compound Fe x TiTe2
Structure of amyloid aggregates of lysozyme from small-angle X-ray scattering data
Structure of La(Fe0.88Si x Al0.12 - x )13 compounds in the paramagnetic state
Structure of nanodiamonds prepared by laser synthesis
Structure of phase-inversion membranes from small-angle neutron scattering data
Structure of the magnetite-oleic acid-decalin magnetic fluid from small-angle neutron scattering data
Structure, microhardness, and strength of a directionally crystallized Al-Ge alloy
Structure-mediated transition in the behavior of elastic and inelastic properties of beach tree bio-carbon
Studies of the heat capacity and thermal expansion of the Na0.95K0.05NbO3 solid solution
Study of magnetite nanoparticle suspensions by photometry and NMR relaxometry
Study of palladium nanoparticles synthesized in alkali borosilicate glass pores by the X-ray line shift method
Study of the charge carrier transport through a metal-poly(arylenephthalide)-class polymer interface
Study of the composite based on iron-containing nanoparticles dispersed in the polyethylene matrix
Study of the heat capacity of Lu2Cu2O5 in the temperature range 366–992 K
Superhyperfine structure in the EPR spectra and optical spectra of impurity f ions in dielectric crystals: A review
Superionic transitions and conductivity anisotropy in Na4.6FeP2O8.6F0.4 single crystals
Superlattices of lamellae in microporous oriented polyolefine films
Surface distortions in a weak ferromagnet
Surface of the BaFe12O19 crystal and its influence on the interparticle magnetic interaction
Surface polaritons at the magnetized semiconductor-dielectric interface
Surface states of charge carriers in epitaxial films of the topological insulator Bi2Te3
Symmetry of quasicrystals
Synchrotron investigations of Si/Mo/Si…c-Si (100) multilayer nanoperiodic structures
Synthesis and electrochemical properties of Li8 - x Zr1 - x Nb x O6 solid solutions
Synthesis and electronic structure of nitrogen-doped graphene
Synthesis and magnetic states of cobalt in three-layer Co/Ge/Co films
Synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties of iron and nickel nanoparticles encapsulated into carbon
Temperature and concentration dependences of the photoluminescence of MEH-PPV polymer composite films with ZnO nanoparticles
Temperature dependence of elastic moduli of submicrocrystalline copper
Temperature dependence of IR absorption spectra of the K3Na(CrO4)2 ferroelastic
Temperature dependence of the conductance and capacitance of langmuir films of liquid crystals
Temperature dependence of the establishment time of the vacancy equilibrium in simple crystals
Temperature evolution of dielectric response spectra of stillwellite-like glasses in the terahertz and infrared ranges
Temperature evolution of the cluster state in La0.8Ca0.2MnO3 and La0.8Ca0.2CoO3
Temperature hysteresis of magnetic phase transitions in Tb1 - x Ce x Mn2O5 (x = 0, 0.20, 0.25)
Temperature-induced phase transition in quartz nanocrystals dispersed in pseudotachylite
Temperature-time dependence of the spall strength of a-iron
Temporal dynamics of impurity photoconductivity in n-GaAs and n-InP
Theoretical investigation of the structure and properties of the VN(111) monolayer on the MgO(111) surface
Theoretical shear strength of FCC and HCP metals
Theoretical study of the thermodynamic properties of lithium, sodium, and potassium nitrates
Thermal and physical properties of sodium niobate ceramics over a wide temperature range
Thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity of bulk indium and indium embedded in 7-nm channels of porous borosilicate glass
Thermal conductivity at the amorphous-nanocrystalline phase transition in beech wood biocarbon
Thermal conductivity of planar and nanotubular supracrystalline structures at temperatures below the Debye temperature
Thermal conductivity of the single-crystal monoisotopic 29Si in the temperature range 2.4–410 K
Thermal stability of YBa2Cu3O7-d films deposited on Ni-W textured substrates by laser ablation
Thermal-physical and thermoelectric properties of solids near the polymorphic and superconducting transitions
Thermoactivation and dielectric spectroscopy of chitosan films
Thermodynamic properties of a superconducting quantum cylinder and their fluctuations
Thermodynamics of the phase equilibrium of multicomponent solid solutions containing nano-sized precipitates of the second phase
Thermoelectric properties of n-Bi2Te3 - x - y Se x S y solid solutions under high pressure
Thermoelectric properties of TmTe under pressure up to 20 GPa
Thermopower of Bio-SiC and SiC/Si ecoceramics prepared from sapele tree wood
Thermotropic phase transitions in model membranes of the outer skin layer based on ceramide 6
Topology and hydrogen connectivity in supercritical water
Transition metal and rare-earth metal atoms on single-layer graphene: Estimations of the charge transfer and adsorption energy
Transport phenomena in metal nanocomposites
Transport properties and polarization phenomena in intercalated Ag x HfSe2 compounds
Transport properties of a ferroelectric tunnel junction in bilayer ferroelectric/manganite structures
Transport properties of epitaxial graphene formed on the surface of a metal
Tunneling characteristics of a double-barrier magnetic junction
Two-band conduction of Si3N4
Two-dimensional micromagnetic simulation of domain structures in films with combined anisotropy
Two-stage magnetization reversal of ferromagnetic films
Two-wave structure of plastic relaxation waves in crystals under intense shock loading
Uniaxial magnetic anisotropy of rhombohedral CoCO3 crystals at T = 0 K
Use of the helium medium for preparation of nano-sized powder materials by the example of industrial cement
Valence state of manganese ions in the La1-a BiLaßMnLa1-d OLa3±? ceramics
Wide-band EPR spectroscopy of YAlO3: Tm3+ single crystals
XANES and XPS studies of processes initiated by high-vacuum annealing in SnO x /MWCNT composite layers
XANES investigations of interatomic interactions in multilayered nanostructures (Co45Fe45Zr10/a-Si)40 and (Co45Fe45Zr10/SiO2)32
X-Ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy studies of superlattices BaTiO3/(Ba0.5,Sr0.5)TiO3/SrTiO3
X-ray diffraction studies of heterostructures based on solid solutions Al x Ga1 - x As y P1 - y : Si
X-ray photoelectron spectra and composition of YBa2Cu3O7 - d films prepared by laser ablation
X-Ray spectral and theoretical investigations of the electronic structure of phenylcyclosilanes (SiPh2) n (n = 4–6)
X-ray structural investigations of the phase transition in benzyl crystals